Saturday, February 13, 2010

52 In 52 : The Blog

After a few weeks of posting my write-ups to my primary blog, it became quite clear to me that the content of that site, my artwork, was being drowned out and lost between the words of my writing. While they are not entirely unrelated, I don't want to overrun what is essentially an art blog with large amounts of text. This is not to say that writing should not happen there, but the format of this project itself almost demands that it be a seperate entity.

Thus, a new site is born: Project 52 In 52

Welcome! For those unfamiliar with the task at hand, it should be fairly obvious that my goal is to read 52 books in a year. I chose to do this, perhaps foolishly, as my new year's Resolution for 2010. This had been an idea that was kicking around in my head for some time, and once January 1st rolled around, I simply verbalized it, and it was so. Much like my own interests, I wanted my readings to be a cross section of a multitude of topics, genres and length.

Despite people's initial reaction and sophisticated suggestions (Dr Seuss, Dick and Jane, etc), I have been keeping on track with an average of a book a week, give or take a few days, and have been writing about them to boot.

My write ups have been mostly a response to the ideas and themes within the book, but not outwardly giving away the plot for those who may want to read it. Also I have been touching on the process of reading and how it relates to the project as a whole. At this point I will stop writing about the writing and let the words speak for themselves...

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