Sunday, October 17, 2010

(Book #35) Rollo May - The Courage To Create

Rollo May's 'Courage To Create', is another one of those books that has been sitting on the shelf for about ten years. I was expecting it to be along the same lines as 'Art & Fear', which it was, but it provided more of a psychological look at certain aspects of art and creativity as a part of human nature. I really connected with a few chapters in this book, but felt really detached from others. This was not so much about the content of what was written more than the format. There was very little flow between some of the ideas and it felt like a collection of essays rather than one cohesive book. Despite that, there was still some really compelling material in there, particularly about the notion of "encounter" as an act of creativity or a prelude to it. No matter what our medium is, when a person makes art they must grapple with an idea or have a moment of vision or clarity with an object, it is through this encounter that creation occurs; something new born into existence from a coupling of self and non self.

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