Sunday, November 14, 2010

(Book #38) Ian Fleming - Moonraker

Next in the line of James Bond Novels, is Ian Fleming's 'Moonraker'. This spy novel is another outing for the legendary 007, and while it shares the name with one of the campy Bond movies of the 70's, that was about all it had in common with it. Fleming's novels prove time and time again to be more subtle and gentlemanly spy stories and this one was in that same light, starting out with a rousing game of Bridge with suspected villain Drax and culminating with the launching of the titular Moonraker rocket. Surprisingly, the plot had absolutely nothing to do with the Moon, and it certainly made for a better story because of it. Why they had to change that and add a hulking metal mouth to the movie is beyond me. I have a few more of these Bond novels lined up to read and look forward to doing so.

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