Sunday, November 14, 2010

(Book #39) Alien Zone II

'Alien Zone II' is a compilation of eleven essays by all different writers about the subject of spaces in science fiction films, pre-2000. I had actually purchased this book up back when I was still in Architecture school and occasionally picked it up from time to time to read something out of it. This reading project was a perfect opportunity to revisit some of these discourses and tackle all the rest that I never got to read prior.

Some of the pieces were really interesting and provided unique perspectives on a gamut of science fiction cinema through the ages, everything from Metropolis to Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Alien movies, the ubiquitous Blade Runner, and just about everything good or bad in between. The subjects in these essays ranged from more spatial and architectural reads of these movies, to the representation of race, women and society. Most of the essays were fairly engaging and could be read by those that were not well versed in film theory or philosophy, but there were a couple that were incredibly difficult to read due to the overly verbose language and air of superiority that the author embodied within the writing.

Overall, the essays were inspiring in a way and I'm looking forward to seeing some of the films I have read about as well as watching some of the more classic ones again with a new perspective. Science Fiction is a perfect medium to embody all sorts of concepts and to do so in a visually intriguing way. Whether a person is watching a sci-fi film to be entertained or is looking for some sort of deeper meaning, there will always be something fantastic and stimulating to grasp onto.

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