Saturday, December 11, 2010

(Book #46) Robert Kirkman - The Walking Dead - Vol.1

I've had this graphic novel of 'The Walking Dead' in the reading queue for a few weeks now, but have been waiting for the end of the first season of the recent AMC show (based on these comics), to avoid being spoiled. I'll admit, after seeing that first episode of the show, I have been a little obsessed with the zombies lately, so the next logical step was pick up the books. The two are different enough and both good in their own ways. I actually hadn’t realized when I bought it that these are pretty extensive and started back in 2003, and in fact this was the first of many volumes that are out there right now. The gore and shock factor in the book translated well to the show and they both seem to be going in their own directions story-wise for now. The whole notion of a zombie apocalypse is both a frightening and conceivable scenario to think about, which is why these stories are so entertaining. Zombie stories also allow for a lot of interesting character development as well as exploration of moral and ethical questions. I look forward to checking out some more of these and I cannot wait for the next season of the show to come back.

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