Friday, December 31, 2010

(Book #52) Stephen King - On Writing

Since I started this year off by finishing a Stephen King book, I thought it would be appropriate to symmetrically round off the year with another. As a preface to most of his novels, King usually gives a little background about his process of writing as it pertained to that story, but always in relation to his overall career. Sometimes, I liked his writing about wring more than I liked his fiction, so when I discovered that he had a whole book on the subject, I knew I wanted to read it. 'On Writing' had several different sections to it, much of which was personal but all of it was relevant to the art, as it pertained to King.

When I was young, I had dabbled with the notion of writing professionally but never really pursued it at all. Though the creative spark within me has primarily been focused in other mediums, the occasional short story or idea emerges and rekindles those early inklings of writing. Some of what King described could be applied to art and architecture as well, I felt. Overall it was an inspiring read and a great way to end this little project of mine.

I undoubtedly have some final thoughts and feelings about the year as a whole, but as I have been reading like gangbusters today to finish and the brain is a little fried, I will save the full recap for another time.